Have You Been Treated Unfairly By Your Condo Association Or HOA?

Sadly, mistreatment of condominium owners by condo boards is a common phenomenon. The same is true of homeowners governed by homeowners associations (HOAs). The Law Offices of Jeffrey M Hamberger, P.C., represents those who have been mistreated. The dollar value of your condominium or HOA-governed home may have declined as a result of unfair treatment. You may have lost the right to quiet, peaceful enjoyment of your home.

Disagreements may be between residents or between a resident and the HOA or condo association. Whatever type of dispute it is, the goal in all cases is to resolve the dispute. In some cases, a fair resolution may include compensation. In other cases, it may mean the condominium board will change its stance and right wrongs such as:

  • Arbitrary, unfair parking restrictions: Has your condo board rescinded the agreement you signed on for when you bought a condo and moved in? Does the board refuse to let you park your vehicle where you were promised you could — or let guests park nearby when they come to visit you? Does the board say your truck, camper, Humvee or classic car is unsightly or too large? Are current rules unreasonable, enacted without proper notice? The Law Offices of Jeffrey M Hamberger, P.C., can help you pursue a fair resolution to your parking dispute.
  • Suspension of privileges: Were you originally allowed to use a clubhouse or canoe in the private lake that is now closed to most residents? Were you allowed to plant a garden, fly a flag or paint the exterior of your condo — but now those rights have been revoked? Have you been denied the opportunity to rent part of your space to a roommate, although this was originally allowed?
  • Disputes involving other residents: Do you and your immediately adjacent neighbor disagree on who is responsible for necessary repairs? Does the condominium board refuse to take action to address your complaints about noise from your neighbor's unit — or does your neighbor unfairly accuse you of making excessive noise? Explore options for resolving neighbor disputes with full cooperation of the condo board.

The disputes described here represent a small sampling of the types of condo owner rights cases by which the Law Offices of Jeffrey M Hamberger, P.C., has earned a strong reputation. The law firm handles similar disputes pitting homeowners rights against homeowners associations (HOA).

Attorney Jeffrey Hamberger is prepared to take your case before board hearings or to municipal, county or state courts. Whenever possible, Mr. Hamberger will include recovery of your attorney's fees in the case against the unreasonable condo board or HOA.

The Help You Need To Correct Unfair Treatment by Condo Associations and HOAs

In the vast majority of cases, when a condo owner or a homeowner in an HOA-governed development claims unfair treatment has occurred, the homeowner is right. Evaluating your case with a lawyer is the first step to an acceptable resolution. Do not let the thought of attorneys' fees stop you before you learn about your options for covering the costs of legal counsel.

Do not let your case drag on with disputes and frustration growing week by week. Contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey M Hamberger, P.C., in Rockville, Maryland, online or by telephone at 301-850-4722 to arrange a free 30-minute initial consultation to discuss your condo owner dispute. The firm represents clients throughout the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.