Bring A Justified Condo Discrimination Claim

When a condominium board turned you away at an open house, was it because of your race or religion? Or was it, as the officers said, simply an early closing due to low attendance?

Have you been harassed, asked to move or subjected to unreasonable complaints about noise or guests? Do you suspect you have been targeted because you are divorced, disabled, an immigrant, a veteran, African-American, Muslim, Jewish, gay or elderly? More often than not, a detailed investigation reveals that condo owners and HOA-governed home owners who felt discriminated against were, in fact, singled out. A review of similar situations involving other residents not in the target ethnicity may reveal a pattern of favoritism and discrimination.

Was the brushoff at the open house or an unexpected parking dispute an example of condo or HOA discrimination that is illegal? A review of the facts of your case and an examination of relevant laws will help answer the question.

If these patterns violated federal or state laws, you may have grounds to file a claim with the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a first step to righting the wrong. The next step may be to bring a claim or lawsuit against the offender.

Attorney Jeffrey Hamberger is prepared to help you pursue every available legal remedy if you have suffered harm because of condominium board or HOA discrimination.

Stand Up For Legal Rights For Condo Owners And HOA Residents — Specifically, Your Rights

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