When A Condo Association Has Not Upheld the Rights Of A Unit Owner

A condominium association is responsible for managing, maintaining and repairing property in the "common areas" of a multiple-unit complex. Their rules and regulations define unit owner rights and responsibilities, as well as those of the condominium's board of directors. Similar obligations apply to homeowners associations.

In practice, however, the bylaws, rules and regulations of common ownership communities favor the interests of the collective group of owners and often limit or neglect individual owner's rights, as a result. If you are a condominium unit owner, or owner of a home subject to the rules and regulations of a homeowners association, you are entitled to an opportunity to voice your concerns, and have them addressed by the HOA or condominium association. Sometimes, this may require the services of an experienced attorney advocating for condominium owners or homeowners association owners. The Law Offices of Jeffrey M Hamberger, P.C., represents condominium unit owners, and owners of homes subject to association restrictions, who are struggling with a board of directors that acts in an unlawful, disinterested or discriminatory manner.

Mr. Hamberger handles a wide range of condominium and homeowners association disputes and litigation, throughout the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area, including but not limited to, cases that involve:

  • Failure to maintain property in common areas
  • Failure to enforce association bylaws and rules (i.e., condominium noise complaints, violations of parking regulations, inconsistent enforcement of rules, etc.)
  • Failure to hold proper elections
  • Failure to maintain proper books and records
  • Discrimination against unit owners

These issues are founded in contractual obligations, but that does not make them any less personal to those involved. Mr. Hamberger takes the time to work with clients individually to answer questions, provide guidance and clarity, develop a strong legal strategy and implement that strategy to the fullest extent of the law.

Contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey M Hamberger, P.C., online or by telephone at 301-850-4722 to arrange a free 30-minute initial consultation and discuss your condo owner complaint case or any real estate dispute. The firm is located in Rockville, Maryland, and handles cases throughout Montgomery County and surrounding areas.