About The Law Offices Of Jeffrey M Hamberger, P.C.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey M Hamberger, P.C., in Rockville, Maryland, is one of the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Area's most well-known, respected and trusted law firms. The firm is known for providing high-quality representation and zealous advocacy in issues involving:

Legal remedies in many such cases come about through negotiations, conciliation, arbitration, mediation and/or dispute resolution.

Jeffrey Hamberger is the owner and founder of the firm. Learn about his legal experience through this link:

Attorney Jeffrey M Hamberger has a solid reputation as a lawyer who is:

  • Knowledgeable in tried and true legal solutions. Every decision and legal action is backed by extensive experience. He will thoroughly research the various options available to the client in whatever legal setting a case presents. He can determine which actions are most beneficial in building a strong case, to achieve your personal and legal goals, and vigorously pursues those actions on the client's behalf.
  • Dedicated and compassionate. Clients present legal issues that often have a profound effect on their lives. As his clients' representative, he will address those concerns directly and provide advice on how best to proceed with each case.
  • Imaginative, analytical and an unconventional problem-solver. His versatility and adaptability have helped him achieve desired results in a wide range of legal situations. He keeps his clients' objectives as his first priority.

A Focus On Results And Satisfaction

The goal of representation is achieving a favorable outcome. Results start with a realistic understanding of what outcome is achievable, and an ability to find opportunities for success. Mr. Hamberger's attention to detail and fundamental expertise have helped clients throughout Montgomery County and surrounding areas of Maryland, Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia accomplish the results they need.

Schedule a free, 30-minute initial consultation, and speak directly with Mr. Hamberger. He can be reached online or by telephone at 301-850-4722. He is here to answer your questions and guide you through the legal process necessary to meet your goals.